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The SheEarth Philosopy

Is made with mindfulness to accommodate a fast-paced lifestyle so that fitness and nutrition don’t take a backseat due to the scarcity of time. It’s an experience, really!

Our products are grown with love and care and SheEarth is a brand for everyone who values nature, health, nutrition, and taste. Say hello to fresh natural produce and enter a world of eco-conscious living.


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Customer Reviews

Received my first packet. My fridge is full. My Heart too. The fruits were very very crisp and tasty. Thank you very much for sending a quality produce. Waiting for my next parcel of premium Apples.
Got these crunchy Mofos home delivered by @Sheearth.official Crunchy and sweet and like the whole farm to table concept, minus any wax coatings or funky sprays. .
Both my parent and in-laws love the packaging. They said the apples are very crisp and Juicy. They were reminded of the Apples from the orchards in Kashmir. One bite into them, the juice just flows out. I'm drooling as I write about it. Thank you very much for all the hard work and patience that is put into growing these wonderful apples. It's difficult in today's competitive time to grow produce without any harmful chemicals and pesticides. Please continue to do the humane job and do not ever change your values. Our respect and support is always with you. Looking forward to order pears and big apples next time.